Five Ways to Feel Fabulous

After recovering from depression, it’s important to know the many ways to feel fabulous about yourself and your life. What you need most is a way to create great feelings which will keep you in that happy space and help you continue to stay positive about life no matter what happens.

  1. Bring out your inner goddess. A great way to do this is through dancing. By turning up your favourite tune and letting all your worries fade away, you will feel instantly good. Not only will you feel good, you will also be getting a workout! Dancing will release happy hormones which will give you a rush and a buzz, and you will feel much more relaxed. Another way is to dress up. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of make-up or a new outfit can do for your self-confidence. Go and treat yourself with a shopping trip and find a wonderful new dress or a new pair of heels. By making that extra effort, even for just one day a week, will do wonders for your mood. Your personality will shine once you feel beautiful on the outside, which will make you instantly feel fantastic, and people will soon see how attractive you are, just for being you.
  2. Laugh. It sounds simple, but it works. Even if you just pretend to laugh, soon enough you will be doing it for real. You will experience a rush that will make your worries seem insignificant, even for just a moment. Laughing regularly has been proven to help heal away negative moods and emotions and keep depression at bay. After recovery it is especially essential to keep a sense of humour about things and keep you firmly on that road to happiness for good. Find the irony and funny side of life. Laugh at the “bad days”. More often than not, what you were worried about will seem very small once you’re laughing.
  3. Think of your happy memories. Dwelling on the bad stuff does us no good, whereas spending our time thinking of lovely memories will give us a mood lift, and you may find yourself smiling as you remember all the things in your life to be grateful for. Visualising yourself happy is also very effective, as it makes it more likely that the vision you have for yourself will come true. We must see ourselves a certain way before we can make it happen in reality. So to feel more blissful, first imagine yourself that way, and enjoy the positive feelings rushing through you.
  4. Try something new. It takes courage to try new things, but the rewards far outweigh any fear or awkwardness you might feel beforehand. Great examples are joining a creative class such as art or crafts, dance, photography or even learning a new language. Or maybe try something else like visiting a gallery, a new area of town, or planning a fun event with friends. Maybe go to the theatre or watch a movie at the cinema with a friend. There is so much out there to explore that there are endless ways to have fun and be entertained. Perhaps you can start your own creative project at home, such as writing a book or doing a painting. Such things get you into the creative flow and take you to a place where you feel passionate about life, and can give you a goal to work towards. The sense of achievement you will feel afterwards will keep you motivated to continue.
  5. Spend time with loved ones. It’s so important for our wellbeing that we take the time to spend with those that truly care about us. Nothing can replace the love that we share between family and friends, and nobody can go through life by themselves, so talking and sharing your feelings with those around you is essential in order to stay feeling fabulous.

Disclaimer: These suggestions have a track record of working for people in this situation. We recommend that you try these tips and see which ones are suitable for you. You may find that other approaches work for you too. Depending on your circumstances, a consultation with your GP may be advised.


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