3 Ways to Find Your Ideal Path

Sometimes we can feel stuck in life, whether it be with a job we don’t like, a university course we’re struggling to commit to, or a lack of motivation and energy.  But there are ways we can overcome this, and find our ideal path that will make us happy not just temporarily, but also in the long-term.  Here are three simple ways to help you find the path that will provide you with the happiness and satisfaction you desire.

  1. Remember what you enjoyed as a child.

It can be easy for us to get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget the things that brought us joy when we were children.  Choose one thing from your childhood that made you happy, be it painting, singing, making art or writing a story.  This simple activity may be the key to leading you to a hobby that could turn into a full-time career.  Too many of us are stuck in boring jobs that drain us of joy and energy, leaving us with no drive to achieve bigger goals.  By doing any activity that stirs your heart with joy, you’ll open up your mind to new ways of looking at life and start developing a more optimistic perspective, which will undoubtedly help you in many ways.

  1. Study a topic that fascinates you.

At school we are told to study many subjects that perhaps weren’t related to our passions.  Why not take some time to read up on a subject that really interests you? Not only will you feel good, you will also have something great to talk to people about, which may deepen friendships or create new ones.  Who knows?  Maybe studying that new topic will lead you to a new person who you would never have had anything in common with if you hadn’t studied that new subject.

  1. Make a healthy change.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied in life, something is wrong and action is necessary.  If there was one thing about your life you could change, what would it be?  The first thing that comes to mind is your answer.  Creating happiness for ourselves sometimes means coming out of our comfort zones and trying something totally new and exciting that others perhaps wouldn’t expect of us.  Yet this change doesn’t need to be huge or impressive, or driven by a motivation to please others.  This change should come from your heart; it should come from inside of you, not inflicted by some outside force or from an authority figure.  Be your own authority figure and don’t wait for some other person to make decisions for you.  Wouldn’t it feel so much better to rescue yourself and be an inspiration for others rather than sit and wait for life to come and find you?  Be that person that takes action, be that person who follows their dreams, be that person who waits for no one and strides forward with determination in their heart and stands up for themselves.  Others will be inspired by your example.


2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Find Your Ideal Path

  1. Thanks for the awesome advice! I especially like the first one…going back to what fascinated me as a child. Many of those things indeed still fascinate me today. My goal is to relay that childlike enthusiasm to as many other people as possible 🙂


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